ALPINE ENDEAVORS is honored to be the exclusive guide service for Mohonk Mountain House and its guests.

We are accredited by the American Mountain Guides Association, all of our guides are New York State licensed for climbing, skilled in first aid, and certified by the American Mountain Guides Association.

We operate daily throughout the Shawangunks, including the Mohonk Preserve and Minnewaska State Park.

Our rock season at Sky Top runs from April 1 through November 30, for overnight guests and day meal guests of Mohonk Mountain House.





Rock Climbing Courses Available at Sky Top

Our instruction and guided climbing days are for all climbing abilities. Whether you have no experience, or you are a competent lead climber looking to expand on your techniques, we are here to help. We build our day(s) around your experience and aspirations. We believe everybody is unique and learns differently. Therefore, we always try to tailor the day(s) around your needs. We'll ask you what your previous experience is and what you hope to gain from climbing with us and take it from there.

We will supply you with the all the necessary technical climbing equipment needed, please check out the Equipment List on our Downloads page for what is actually supplied and what you'll be required to bring.

Below are some examples of the courses offered. We can very easily custom build a course to your specific needs. Please let us know if there is something you're looking for that isn't listed below.

Basic Rock:
This is for anybody who wants to learn how to rock climb. If you have little or no climbing experience or need a refresher, this is for you. You'll safely learn: equipment and its proper usage and care, commands, safety checks, knots, climbing techniques, belaying skills and rappelling.

Intermediate Rock
This is for climbers who have some previous experience and want to gain the proficiency to follow a lead climber. In this course you'll learn to: follow and clean leads on single and/or multi-pitch routes, knots, rope management, rope stacking, and rope coiling, rappelling with a back-up, and more climbing techniques.

Multi-Day Rock
For those wanting a complete outing, combine the basic and intermediate courses into a 2, 3,4, or more day climbing trip. By the end of the trip you'll have a good understanding of it all, as well as feeling comfortable on the rock.


Private Day
Do you have something specific in mind, either some skills or specific route somewhere? This is for climbers of any level seeking intensified training. Private guiding and instruction allows a unique opportunity to expand and develop skills while maximizing your climbing time.

We custom-build climbing activities for your group by request.


Top Rope Set-Up
This is for those of you who have the basic climbing skills and want to be able to get out and climb on your own. Over the two-days we'll show you how to set-up top-ropes, including skills such as: knots, natural anchors, rappelling with a back-up, belaying and how to do all this with confidence when you're out on your own.

For more advanced options, add a third and fourth day and we'll include the use of artificial (cams, nuts, etc.) gear for the anchor building.

Learn to Lead*
This is what it's all about! For those climbers who are ready to tie into the "Hot End" and begin leading, or for those beginning leaders who need a little more experience to polish their skills. Over two days, this course includes:
Proper gear placement, building solid anchors using both natural and artificial gear, preventing rope drag by using runners, rope management, double ropes, knots, route finding skills, etc. By the end of this course you'll be leading climbs with the protection of a top-rope.
*Limited to two participants per guide.

Self Rescue*
A must for all lead climbers! This is something that should be known by all climbers (leaders and followers), especially those who climb long routes and/or in remote areas. This two-day course is designed to enable a climber to establish a self-rescue incase an accident occurred. With only the gear you have, you'll learn how to: Escape a loaded belay, tie off an injured climber, ascend or descend a loaded rope, knot passing, raise a partner, rescue-rappel and pick off an injured climber. We recommend you take some level of a wilderness medical course in addition to help you be more prepared. For more info on wilderness medicine contact SOLO (
*Limited to two participants per guide

Top Rope Facilitators' Course
The TR facilitators’ Course is a three-day course designed for outdoor leaders or those climbers wishing to develop a comprehensive top rope skill set.
The training focuses on a variety of technical skills; the first two days cover nature anchors (tree,boulders) and bolts, how to equalize them and build anchors, anchor extensions, instructor and student safety on rappelling, climbing instructional techniques, on-cliff rescue of a scared or stuck climber, belaying methods, and group dynamics/management.
The third day involves an evaluation in which the participants perform a various scenarios and we evaluate their progress.
The Top Rope Facilitators' Course makes an excellent precursor to the AMGA Top Rope Site Management Course.

Aid Climbing*
Aid climbing skills are useful in all climbing situations use it to round out your repertoire, or to get ready for multi-day adventures on big walls. During this course you'll safely learn: more involved gear placement, movement, ascending, knots, and hauling.
This course requires the knowledge of lead climbing.
*Limited to two participants per guide.

Alpine Endeavors offers its services for climbing in the following other locations:
• Mohonk Preserve, NY
• Peterskill climbing area in Minnewaska State Park, NY
• Adirondack Park (Wallface, Roger’s Rock, Poke-O-Moonshine,
Keene Valley, etc.), NY
• White Horse, Cathedral Ledges, Cannon Cliff, Mt Washington, etc., NH
• Mt Katahdin, Baxter State Park, ME
• Shickshinny & Mocanacqua areas of PA
• Seneca Rocks, WV
• Boulder Mtn Parks (Flat Irons, Boulder Canyon, etc.), CO
• Eldorado Canyon State Park, CO
• Rocky Mountain National Park (thru Colorado Mtn School), CO
• Devils’ Tower, WY
• Needles, Black Hills, SD
• Red Rocks, NV
• Joshua Tree National Park, CA
• North Cascades National Park, WA
• Ecuador


For overnight reservations at Mohonk Mountain House , please call 1-800-772-6646 and specify your interest in rock climbing.



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