ALPINE ENDEAVORS is honored to be the exclusive guide service for Mohonk Mountain House and its guests.

We are accredited by the American Mountain Guides Association, all of our guides are New York State licensed for climbing, skilled in first aid, and certified by the American Mountain Guides Association.

We operate daily throughout the Shawangunks, including the Mohonk Preserve and Minnewaska State Park.

Our rock season at Sky Top runs from April 1 through November 30, for overnight guests and day meal guests of Mohonk Mountain House.





Rock Climbing at Sky Top - Photos

Please enjoy some photos of the climbs.

Strawberry Yogurt Strawberry Yogurt, 5.8


Overhanging Overhang Overhanging Overhang, 5.6


Petie's Spare Rib, 5.4


Gargoyle Gargoyle, 5.5


Sound and Fury, Pitch 2, 5.8


Jekyll and Hyde, 5.9


Yellow Verschneidung, Pitch 1, 5.8


Easy Easy, 5.2


Grey Face, Pitch 1, 5.5


Grey Face, Pitch 2, 5.5


Zig Zag Man, 5.8


Han's Yellow Face, 5.6


Slip of Fools, 5.7


Hippos on Parade, 5.7


Mellow Yellow Mellow Yellow, 5.10


Too Steep For My Lichen, 5.11-


Wipe Out, 5.10


Crash and Burn - before the jump Crash and Burn (before the jump), 5.9


Crash and Burn (the jump), 5.9


Crash and Burn (the landing), 5.9


Lake View Lake View, 5.4


Open Cockpit Open Cockpit 5.11


Krapp's Last Tape Krapp's Last Tape, 5.10


Reign of Terror Reign of Terror, 5.11


Ringwraithe Ringwraithe, 5.10


Ring Ding Ring Ding, 5.10


Group Rock Climbing Corporate Rock Climbing Event


Easy Summit
Reaching the summit on an anniversary weekend adventure.



We will continually update this page with more pictures as the season progresses.


For overnight reservations at Mohonk Mountain House , please call 1-800-772-6646 and specify your interest in rock climbing.





To book an overnight reservation and rock climbing at Sky Top, please contact:

Mohonk Mountain House

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